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About Us


We are your current board and delegates representing AMTA in New Hampshire.
The mission of AMTA is to serve amta members while advancing the art, science and practice of massage therapy.

AMTA-NH Board members

President, Vincent Dufort PhD LMT. I am honored to contine one (final) term as your chapter president.
As I was getting back into my role as president, just for fun I asked each board member what their spirit animal is. We have two owls, a horse, a bobcat and a lion! This gives you an idea of the energy we have going through this leadership transition. Right away, I am seeing tenacity, leadership, wisdom, determination and a great deal of humility We truly have a great team guiding the chapter and representing the members as well as being resources for non-members. I am excited for what the chapter has in store for members. With the energy of the current board, delegates and volunteers we already have plans for 2025 education on the seacoast and 2026 education back at Mills Falls in Meredith.

President Vincent Dufort PhD LMT
Bethany Chabot Board Member

Board member Bethany Chabot has strength, leadership and provides high visibility for the chapter. She loves to do a lot and it definitely shows! She loves to go on adventures, travel, and do physical activities (working out solo and with her husband). B loves her career and working with clients in her clinic and on contracted work. She loves spending time with her fur babies and will take animal therapy any time she can get it. Bethany loves to lead, guide, inspire people, be a good human and lead by example, being organized and have direction for those lost/mentoring. She also loves to connect with family friends and loved ones with good quality experiences and conversation. B even loves engaging strangers in conversation/connection. She loves to listen to music and inspirational educational podcasts. If this sounds like a lot, don’t doubt that this is true. Bethany is a powerhouse. Just when you think she can’t possibly do more, she will call you up at random and challenge you to a round of ax throwing! It is not a surprise that B is heading up social media for the chapter. With all that is on her plate, you might think that it would lead to distractions, like a squirrel trying to cross the road. I see that she is also quick to put her phone on ‘do not disturb’ and, like a lion, she is able to focus down on a task at hand and get things done. Although she is not currently ready to take on another role (president) she is eminently capable of leading and already takes on a lot of leadership for the chapter.

Financial Administrator Pam Jaeger is motivated by respect and kindness. She loves to create both in the kitchen and with textiles. Whether it be whoopie pies from scratch or a basket of hand sewn felt hearts by her treatment area, her gifts are a measure of her thoughtfulness and kindness to others. Pam also loves being in the woods and taking long walks around the lake, listening to thunderstorms – but not at 1am!. When she has re-charged her batteries with solitude, she loves surrounding herself with people interested in helping one another achieve their highest selves. Like the owl, you might not see her, but know that she is observing and taking it all in. Don’t be surprised when she swoops in to deliver an astute comment or wise suggestion. Her dedication to the chapter is evident as she pays attention to the details in her role as financial administrator, ensuring that the chapter is in good financial health and able to move ahead securely to provide the best for our members. In addition to her excellent financial stewardship, she has an uncanny ability to gently pose questions that help keep the chapter on task and not make mistakes.

Board member Angie Preisendorfer is a steady presence on the board. She was perviously in the position of secretary and took on many tasks such as venue acquisition for the chapter education events. Like the horse, gently and resolutely guiding the chapter’s happenings. I am told that Angie was the real driver in getting things done with the April 2023 education event. She gathered together help and is determined that everyone has FUN. I am also told that fun is probably her middle name. Angie is an adventurer who loves being outdoors – whether hiking, skiing, camping, boating etc. She loves instilling the adventurer’s spirit in her now five year old daughter. She loves making other people feel loved and special through acts of kindness. She loves to be creative and host events, mostly working behind the scenes and not enjoying the spotlight. Although Angie has a lot of things on her plate – like everyone on the board she does have a life outside of the work she does for the chapter – she is able to accomplish tasks for the chapter steadily and with efficiency.

Secretary Amy Woychowski was nominated by the board to fill the vacancy left after Angie moved from being Secreatary to Board member. Amy has been part of the board in the past as a board member. We welcome her back in her new role as Secretary 

chapter delegates

Corey Latuch Board Member

Delegate Barbara McKenney was elected into the delegate position in April of this year by the chapter members. We look forward to her enthusiasm, wisdom and energy to join the chapter in this position.

Delegate Rebecca Chappel was nominated by the board into the delegate position in April of this year. Becca has been working with the chapter as a volunteer for scholarship and school contact. We look forward to welcoming her in this new postion.


Education Committee chair Sarah Ash has a Bachelor’s of Science degree with focus on physical ed concentrating in activities coordination. She then went back to school for an allied health science degree and concentration in massage. Sarah has had a passion for bringing people together for awhile and wants to give people opportunities to excel. Sarah’s love language would probably be talking about the anatomy of the body and nerding out about new findings like the polyvagal theory (which isn’t all that new anymore) and merging modalities and the cell structure, etc. oh and also soccer.

Scholarship and outreach chair Becca Chappell comes from a strong background in education. With a Master’s of Education. She also has a great deal of respect for the healing arts, and feels that she can truly be of use in the areas of school outreach, scholarship coordination and professional development and design.

Becca also loves to mountain bike, fly fish, read crime novels, ice climb, walk in the woods with my dog, spend time with family, travel, drink coffee, do crosswords, spend time alone with my thoughts and journal. Her love language is a combination of physical touch and words of affirmation.

other committee positions are available and some responsibilities are assumed by board members. current areas of focus include:

Social media and government relations; Bethany Chabot

Web administration and email; Vincent Dufort

Newsletter; TBD

Venue scouting and acquisition; Angie Preisendorfer

Contract workflow; Pam Jaeger